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advanced courses

All of the advanced courses will challenge you to go deeper and further in your leadership development.

Get ready to dive into 40+ hours of video teachings that will transform and impact your life; your ministry; your business; and your purpose & calling!

So, take the next step by registering below! 

Stay tuned as the advanced courses become available. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any additional questions or inquiries!


  • Lesson #4     It All Starts At The Cross  (Selfless and Sacrificial Leadership)

  • Lesson #5     LOVE Is The Key to True Leadership   (The Secret To Jesus' Successful And Influential Leadership)    

  • Lesson #6     Legacy Leaders From The Bible  (My Spiritual Role Models)

  • Lesson #7     Can I See Your ID?  (Discovering Your God Given Identity)      

  • Lesson #8     Priorities  (How To Keep A Healthy Spiritual Balance In Your Life)

  • Lesson #9     Leadership of Jesus  (The Perfect Role Model)     

  • Lesson #10   Shepherds vs Hirelings  (The Diffidence Between Leaders and Followers)

  • Lesson #11    The Pareto Principle  80/20  (Leadership Statistics)        

  • Lesson #12    My Plans vs Gods Purpose  (Discovering  and Understanding Your Passion) 

  • Lesson #13    Holy Who?  (The Most Important Tool For Every Leader) 

  • Lesson #14    Becoming and Being A Person of Influence  ( Transforming One Person At A Time)                    

  • Lesson #15    The Mt. Everest Standard  (Teamwork Makes The Dream Work) 

  • Lesson #16    VISION  (How To Lead Others Successfully)

  • Lesson #17    Warning: 3 G’s In the Ministry & Leadership  (The Devil's Most Successful Weapons)        

  • Lesson #18    Babysitters Club  (Leading Others, Not Babysitting Them) 

  • Lesson #19    Microwave Mentality & Wilderness Leadership  (Growth And Success Will Take Time)     

  • Lesson #20    Leadership Maturity and Growth  (3 Spiritual/Biblical Level of Leadership)  

  • Lesson #21    The Spirit of Lucifer  (Spiritual Cancer To Leadership)     

  • Lesson #22    My Assignment  (4 Phases of Leadership) 

  • Lesson #23    Coaching & Mentoring  (Discipling the Next generation of Leaders)            

  • Lesson #24    Mr. and Mrs. Perfect  (Leaders Are Not Perfect) 

  • Lesson #25    Seven Cultures of Influence  (Establishing The Kingdom Culture)

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