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In this introduction video I share my heart and background on why I'm so passionate about discipling, coaching and mentoring the body of Christ. In my early walk with the Lord I eagerly looked for a spiritual mentor to take me under their wing and mentor me in accordance to God's word and to also help me to discover my God given purpose and identity. During this adventurous process of my spiritual journey and growth I was able to discover my purpose and calling, which I often times call passion.

This intro video will also give you a small glimpse of all the lessons outlined in the full Nex-Gen Leaders Curriculum and why I would love to challenge you to take advantage of all of these life changing lessons. Your journey may start off as a spiritual caterpillar, but in the process your heart, your mind and your attitude will eventually be transformed into the beautiful butterfly, which will spread its wings and fly boldly towards your God given purpose and destiny. So, let’s partner together in spreading the gospel message and building the kingdom of God by becoming the tools in our Heavenly Fathers hands, as He will release His glory, power and anointing in us and through us!

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